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Learn more about CUSTOMATIC®’s Unique
Innovations & Features

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Customized Body Positioning

Customized Body PositioningThe CUSTOMATIC® metal housed Lift System is engineered to provide a greater range of motion to help fit your body perfectly from head to toe. The advanced mechanical design allows for greater weight capacity & maximum strength.
Patent pending.




Innovative Leg Lowering “LOUNGE” Feature
Leg Lowering Lounge FeatureMany CUSTOMATIC® models offer our advanced
“LOUNGE” feature that allows you to LOWER your
legs creating greater comfort and reducing lower
back pain while in an upright position.
Patent pending.
Exclusive Safety “GRAVITY-RELEASE” Lift System
The CUSTOMATIC® “GRAVITY-RELEASE” Safety feature assures that any obstruction that may inhibit the normal operation of the Lift System properly will automatically stop the motors from continuing force or pressure. Patent pending.
LED Night Light

Under Bed Night Light FeatureEliminate the worry of getting up in the middle of the night with
our LED Night Light Feature available in some models.
One push of a button and an LED light glows from under
the base to help guide you safely in the dark.



Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Massage!
Relaxing Massage FeatureThe interactive dual massage therapy feature, available in many CUSTOMATIC® models, promotes even more ways to help you relax. Custom preset programs allow you to personalize your massage experience. Choose from an invigorating massage that will stimulate your senses, or a soothing, wave-like treatment that lets you drift away into an exotic paradise. Whatever your preference, the calming massage therapy feature will help melt away your troubles and relieve your body’s stress, tension, aches and pains.
Power Surges & Electrical Outages Protection

Power Surge & Electrical Outages ProtectionOur CUSTOMATIC® Components protect you in TWO ways. First, the Control Box, which is the central power source for your bed base, has a battery back-up system that will allow you to bring your bed to a flat sleeping position should you experience an electrical outage in your home. Secondly, we have incorporated a replaceable low amp fuse to protect your components from damage during any power surges or spikes.



Custom Hand Remotes

Custom Hand RemotesTo offer great features that will enhance your sleep experience is exciting – to make them easy to use is what makes CUSTOMATIC® different. CUSTOMATIC® has many ergonomically designed Hand Remotes developed with comfort, convenience, ease and simplicity in mind. Our Hand Remote styles eliminate the confusion so you can take full advantage of all the features & benefits your new CUSTOMATIC® Adjustable Bed has to offer. Patent pending.




Soothing Sound Machine

Soothing Sound MachineThe tranquil sounds of nature can be incorporated to a CUSTOMATIC® Power Base that can help relax your body, mind and senses. Just one more way CUSTOMATIC® helps enhance a better night’s sleep and a dreamy state of mind. Patent pending.




Exclusive Lumbar Control

Lumbar Control FeatureOnly CUSTOMATIC® has designed the first adjustable Lumbar Zone that allows you to strengthen the support to your lower back or reduce pressure from your lower torso. Whether you have back pain caused by muscle strain, activity or daily tension you can now personally adjust your back support for greater relief and comfort. Patent pending.




Built-In Electrical Outlets

Built-In Electrical OutletsNever need to reach behind your headboard to access your electrical outlets. With Select CUSTOMATIC® models, we incorporate electrical outlets to the border of the frame making it convenient to use your lamp, alarm clock, or smart devices or laptop easily.



Designer Furniture Style Legs

Designer Furniture Style LegsCUSTOMATIC® offers many decorative leg support options that can reflect your taste in room décor. Designer styles made from wood, metal and other materials have been hand crafted to capture traditional, transitional and modern styles all with functional practicality.



Designer Fabric Options

Designer Fabric OptionsLet the beauty and warmth of fashionable fabric & border treatments transform your CUSTOMATIC® adjustable Power base to one that offers greater appeal and style with fabric selections, colors & patterns. Capture your sense of fashions with Circular Knits, Ultra Suede & Micro Fibers, and premium upholstery grade materials.



Intertek ETL Safety Certification