A Simple Way to a Better Night’s Sleep:

Welcome to CUSTOMATIC® Adjustable Bedz! Since the introduction of adjustable sleep systems, many people have experienced the benefits of customizing & personalizing the way they sleep. Adjustable Sleep Systems truly have enriched the lives of so many that have discovered the secret to being more productive, feeling more energetic, and living happier lifestyles through a better, more restful night’s sleep.


The CUSTOMATIC® Adjustable Bedz Company is dedicated to the advancement of custom sleep products that will provide better sleep for everyone.


Unlike most other suppliers of adjustable beds, we have traveled the world to uncover and develop new innovations that have proudly earned us the reputation of providing the highest standard in the adjustable sleep category.



At CUSTOMATIC®, we recognize that adjustable sleep systems need to offer exceptional features, performance & style. It is for these unique reasons that the CUSTOMATIC® Adjustable Bedz systems are far superior to any other adjustable sleep system today.


CUSTOMATIC® has designed innovative products with YOU in mind! Our advanced features were developed to provide you with a better night’s sleep than you have ever experienced before – Advancements that will provide greater comfort with significant health benefits as well.


A CUSTOMATIC® Adjustable Sleep System can help provide relief for people who suffer from: sleep deprivation, stress & tension, muscle fatigue, body & back pain, poor circulation & mild sleep apnea.

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